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The following athletes are immediately available for opportunities locally and overseas. Coaches and General Managers who have interest in any of   these players may  contact the Coaching Staff  at the New York Wizards at,
and we will place
you in touch with these players and/or their representation immediately​


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The Wizards will be adding a base of volunteers, some former players some new, who can provide assistance in multiple areas. Most often these individuals will have the responsibility of assisting the Wizards in their area of expertise at practices and helping new players transition, while maintaining their conditioning to assist the Wizards if need be at practices, scrimmages, clinics, exhibition games, etc. This will also provide a unique format for "new players" to learn the Wizards system and better prepare them for a possible role on the Wizards.

Coach Greg Cerillo and Greg Cerillo Jr. 
​How can you assure, if you are an aspiring Minor League Basketball Player, that you get the right 
exposure to advance your career to a paid overseas contract? How do you get enough quality minutes of high caliber video tape against legitimate professional opponents which will attract the type of attention overseas clubs are looking for? How do you insure that you are playing with other quality professionals and not a group of guys banded together so players or teams can state they are playing professionally? How do you insure you are professionally coached with weekly workouts to maximize your ability to produce legitimate stats against legitimate players?

You look to participate in the Showcase Basketball League!!!! The New York Wizards, 
and its players, will now be part of a Showcase basketball league!!! What the Showcase Basketball 
League will do is invite the best professional basketball players from all the Minor League systems, 
or free agents back from the D-League or European seasons, in the Tri State Area into a weekly or bi-weekly coached practice. A combine if you will! Players will be evaluated and asked to participate in a bi-monthly showcase game. With professional video tape at a quality facility! Even more important there will only be 8-players on each of the 2 teams rosters, insuring that every 
player gets approximately 30 minutes of playing time per game to showcase your skills. Players will 
not foul out of games! Rosters will be selected by position so a team does not have 5-guards looking to split time on each roster. These games are all about talent showcasing!!! In addition games will be scheduled to attract the attention of the next paid professional basketball contracts available. Example games played in some minor league systems between the months of November – March are taking place at the same time European, Asian, South American, etc. seasons are taking place. Our games and game film will provide the most updated footage of the players being showcased just prior to the start if the next paid season.

Just as important is that we are Not looking to compete against any of the quality Minor League 
Professional organizations in or around our area! What we are looking to do is insure that we provide only the best players in our area, or those looking to travel, an opportunity to play with the best players, best coaches, best facilities, and best officials possible in an effort to showcase
your talent!

The Cost: $0!!!!

For all certified professional players with legitimate professional stats you will be invited to participate in our bi-weekly workouts (assuming professional behavior, team play, verification of talent, etc.), others may be invited to participate at a cost of $50-100 per workout. Pricing would be based on your level of participation at other basketball levels (College etc). This is not a men’s league, so please do not apply to play if you cannot support accomplishments at the High School, College, or Pro Level!

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